Podcast 525: DJ Sports

90 minutes of funk-filled soul, disco, and house from one of electronic music's brightest talents.
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There's little information available on Milán Zaks, the artist better known as DJ Sports. He's most commonly known for his associations with Regelbau, the 11-strong Århus-based collective turned label—which we featured last year. Alongside friends and family, including brother Natal Zaks (a.k.a. Central), Sports has earned a small but extremely loyal following of international fans. In many ways, with its loosely-defined sound aesthetic and intelligent productions, Regelbau has put the Danish city of Århus on the house music map.

In terms of solo identity, Sports is the most widely acknowledged of the crew. He’s released on the collective’s various labels—namely Regelbau, Help, and No Hands— under his own name and collaboratively with others as part of Maizena and Hi Mount, while there's also been a 2016 release on Yield. Yet his most important release landed via Firecracker Recordings last year with Modern Species, a tremendously stylish eight-track debut LP with nods to jungle, house, dub, and ambient. As a DJ, he's touring with increasing frequency, establishing himself as a skilled selector whose sets embrace a fun-loving, playful vibe all the while blending breakbeat, house, techno, disco, and just about everything else. You can always expect some surprises.

And this weeks' podcast is no different. Sports opted to not disclose the theme of the mix or his process of track selection, but you can expect a smooth journey full of his favourite disco, soul, and funk records, mostly arriving from the late '70s, '80s, and '90s. It gets better and better on each listen.


01. Joël Fajerman "Painted Desert"
02. Jon Keliehor "Night Of The Equinox"
03. Future 3 "Boy from the West Bronx" (Ti Version)
03. DJ Sotofett presents Jesse "Puhallus" (One Mo, Pad Conga Vocoder Mix)
04. Ian Pooley "Disco Love"
05. Willie Hutch "Easy Does It"
06. Kashif "Stone Love"
07. Richard Bush And Orbit "Solar Flight" (Dub Version)
08. Air Power "Be Yourself"
09. Gabi Delgado ‎"History Of A Kiss" (Long Version)
10. ORS ‎"Moon-Boots"
11. Augustus Pablo "Cornerstone Dub"
12. David Alvarado "Sunstone"
13. Future Beat Alliance ‎"Inside Out"
14. [Not disclosed]
15. Plantastik ‎"Don't Go Down"
16. LA Synthesis "Agraphobia" (Nuw Idol Remix)