Podcast 527: Peter Van Hoesen

One hour of deeply psychedelic contemporary techno.
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Belgium's Peter Van Hoesen has never been that typical techno artist. Growing up in Belgium, having been inspired by the country's thriving EBM scene, he began producing techno and DJing, while also throwing his own events through university. Over ensuing years, he delved into more experimental sonic explorations, including drum & bass and dubstep, before returning to become one of techno's modern-day tastemakers.

As an artist, he is one who sculpts sounds for different environments—the club, the home, the gallery, or the museum. In the former, the area in which he is most widely known, he lays down dark and arresting techno sets and captivating live musical journeys that have made him a widely acknowledged favorite at renowned institutions such as Panorama Bar and Japan's Labyrinth Festival. His released output, too, is full of highly creative, masterfully executed pieces of club music packed full of personality—most of which has landed on Tresor, Komisch, and his own Time To Express.

The latter label recently celebrated its 30th release, Nine At The Beginning, presented by Van Hoesen himself, and in support of the release—and the upcoming 10th label anniversary—he's compiled a mix for the XLR8R podcast series. An hour in length, its an exemplary set of deeply psychedelic contemporary techno, featuring tracks exclusively from Time To Express.

Where and when was the mix recorded?

The mix was recorded in late November 2017 in my studio in Berlin.

The mix is made up of all Time To Express material—how did you choose the records you included?

That was actually the most difficult part of the entire process. When I started preparing the selection for this mix it was very much a question of "kill your darlings." There are many tracks I wanted to include in the mix but as I wanted to keep it within a certain timeframe I had to eliminate many tracks. In the end, the mix came together the way it is now but I strongly believe that, given one or two alternative choices made along the way, the actual result would have been radically different. One track leads to another, one choice leads to another, so I guess it was all very much something that happened in the moment. It showed me that there are many alternative realities possible when the releases are combined with each other. As a label owner that is a rather nice feeling to have.

Time To Express has just hit its 30th release—how has the label evolved over the years and what do you have in store for 2018?

The label has slowly evolved, not with radical changes but through a more gradual approach. What has always been there is a certain fondness for abstract sounds and grooves. It is not really a label known for hard as nails industrial techno; I believe it has a more psychedelic vibe. Some of the releases are very different to each other but I do think that in the end there is an overall narrative. That said, I strongly feel that 2018 will bring another change, a different perspective to what has come before, and I look forward to that. One of the rewarding aspects of the label is that I get to run it like some sort of musical laboratory: basically, if I have an idea I can immediately test it out.

How was 2017 for you?

In many ways, it has been a very intense year. I was fortunate to play some really special shows this year, as a solo artist and alongside Yves De Mey with Sendai. I’ve also produced a lot of music, most of which has not been released or is not even entirely finished. I have the feeling that in 2018 much of this material will be completed in one way or another. A lot of new music is coming.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on several projects, one of them a new solo album. Yves and I are also preparing a new Sendai release, and we’re looking at releasing some older material through our Archives Intérieures label. It will be a busy year, but in a good way so I’m looking forward to it.


01. Bee Mask "Headband" (Peter Van Hoesen remix) [Time to Express]
02. Donato Dozzy & Cio D’Or "Menta" [Time to Express]
03. Peter Van Hoesen "Seven, Green and Black" (SCB remix) [Time to Express]
04. Dario Zenker "Insirer" [Time to Express]
05 Peter Van Hoesen "Protagonist" [Time to Express]
06. Samuli Kemppi "Rymd" [Time to Express]
07. SP-X "E.T.A" [Time to Express]
08. Peter Van Hoesen "Objects From The Past" (Neel remix) [Time to Express]
09. Wata Igarashi "Night" [Time to Express]
10. Peter Van Hoesen "Coast To Coast" [Time to Express]
11. Convexion "Oil On Metal" [Time to Express]
12. Object "Nocpy" [Time to Express]