Warped-out minimal selections from the Discobar head.

Thibaut Machet (a.k.a Lamache) returns to the XLR8R pages with a very different type of feature. In April last year, as many of you will remember, Machet bravely spoke to XLR8R about the crippling anxieties that for so long had held him back—preventing him from even exiting his front door, not to mention restricting the extensive travel and performance that are basic requirements of his occupation. It was a candid exchange that focused on the man behind the music while revealing a dark side of life in the industry that remains so gravely underexposed. Few people had any inclination that success could bear such costs. 

It's a different story today. Machet has spent the best part of three years working hard to keep his anxieties in check, and they're as controlled as they've been in some time. It's no coincidence that his touring schedule and profile have picked up, too; freed to travel, he's established himself as a regular at Europe's leading venues without a release to his name—an achievement to which few can lay claim. His sets are maturely composed, featuring warped-out, groove-laden minimal cuts. He's a dedicated and gifted selector. 

Machet's rise has coincided with that of Discobar, the young but much-respected imprint that pushes the work of Machet's friends within these aforementioned aesthetics. Among them are Zendid, Robin Ordell, and Alex & Digby; the last EP landed with a Maayan Nidam remix. In celebration of the label's three-year anniversary, its key figures toured through Europe and North America, finishing with on a high in Los Angeles in February. 

Lamache's podcast for XLR8R captures his style perfectly—mature, groovy, off-kilter, and laced with the hidden gems that he invests so much of his time in uncovering. He opts not to provide a tracklisting but advises us that the mix includes works from Asper Bothrops, Turning Man, Lateral Line, plus the first release of a new label called Amorfo, out now.

How has 2018 been for you so far?

This year has been amazing so far, a lot of travels, new cities and countries. Also, as you said above, we celebrated the three-year anniversary of Discobar with the whole crew so we had a few interesting showcases all around Europe, Russia, and in the United States of America. 

I am feeling super great at the moment and I am enjoying my touring life so much. It is busy but the way I am handling it is perfect. 

What’s next for Discobar? 

There are a lot of things coming up very soon. The last Zendid (Discobar 08) with a remix of Maayan Nidam was released a few weeks ago and it was a success. I am very happy. 

Discobar 09, 10, and 11 are ready to go, so be ready for them. 

Some new artists will join the family and, of course, the main ones will present new stuff also. 

When and where was this mix recorded?

This mix was recorded one morning at home in Berlin—no friends around, just my cats to support me and annoy me while I was trying to stay focus. 

On what equipment did you record it on?

I played this set, vinyl only in one take obviously with a pair of Technics SL-1210 and the E&S DJR400 mixer.

How did you select the records you included? 

I went through the records I am playing at the moment and I also tried to find some special ones that I love in my collection but it's always hard to select just a few when you make a podcast. 

Was there a particular idea you were looking to convey?

There was not a particular idea, I always try to tell a story when I play music, I do not stay in one specific style or sound. This mix is a blend of new music and old stuff but especially the music of my friends.  There is so much good music out there at the moment. It's amazing to be able to dig into the new releases again. 

What else do you have coming up this year?

Well, the summer has started here in Berlin, the weather has been amazing and CDV's sessions as well eheh! 

I have few festivals in Europe (Sonar, Romania, France...), a little tour in South America, some more Club Der Visionaere days/nights, of course, and a few things in Ibiza with some friends.  It is an exciting time of the year, people are happy and terraces of the cafés are getting full again. 

I also recently joined the French agency Yoyaku so I am excited to see the next projects coming up.

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can stream the mix here and download it here