Hypnotic minimal groove from one of Romania's finest.

Circumstances dictate that this will be a short introduction. Dan Andrei is hardly a talker. Of course, this media-shy stance is anything but uncommon among his Romanian peers, but Dan Andrei is one who positions himself in the shadows more than most. Recent years have seen the likes of Rhadoo and Raresh become global names, while Priku, Barac, Alexandra, Herodot, and SIT have all ventured from their Bucharest-centric bubble and become receptive to outside interest. Dan Andrei, meanwhile, has done neither; he avoids attention, establishing himself as a much-respected but little-known artist, appreciated by those who've grown to enjoy the minimal-centric bubble from whence he came. 

With this in mind, we must just go with what we already know. His text on Facebook, which he largely avoids, explains that his influences come from rock, hip-hop, soul, funk, and trip-hop. He's part of a younger generation of artists in the much-discussed Romanian minimal movement, following in the path of Rhadoo, Cezar, and Petre Insprescu, and has become an integral figure, regularly sharing a bill with Rhadoo, Raresh, and Petre. As far as releases go, he debuted on Arpiar in 2011 before returning in 2015 with his debut Parcul Cosmos LP. Elsewhere, he's shared his music on Be Chosen, Kurbits Records, and Jesus Loved You. There isn't much more to be said. 

His podcast for XLR8R is a segment of a rare live club set. Recorded on March 10 at Sinaia Casino in Romania, it's two hours of heady and hypnotic minimal grooves.

Dan Andrei will be playing alongside Nina Kraviz, Cezar, Praslea, Priku, SIT, Jamie Jones, Mumdance, Kozo, Premiesku, Black Coffee, Sublee, Yokoo, and many more at Neversea, taking place at Neversea Beach, Constanta, Romania from July 5 to 8. You can find more information and tickets to Neversea here.

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the mix here.