Cerebral groove from the celebrated Spaniard.

Spanish artist Julian Perez began DJing around the age of 16, particularly influenced by the old-school sounds of Detroit, Chicago, and the United Kingdom. A promising reputation around his home town of Valencia eventually saw him relocate to Ibiza, a temporary base from which he's since ventured far and wide, performing regularly across North and South America and Europe, recognized for a fresh and elegant style. He's currently on tour in Australia. 

Perez released his first record in 2010 and this inspired him to launch Fathers & Sons Productions, a vinyl-only label founded with a friend in 2012. Releases, think groovy techno and house, came from Perez and those around him, the foundations for great success: to date, every release has sold out in the first days of sales, a testament to Perez' impeccable taste in music and skills in spotting new and interesting artists. More recently, Perez has launched Girada Unlimited, a vinyl-only label and production project already garnering much support. As Girada Unlimited, Perez recently debuted on Cure Music with Where's Daff?, a two-track EP of edits, and one of the standout releases of 2018. 

Perez' podcast is reflective of such a stellar reputation. Full of deep sounds, breaks, flying pads, and dreamy melodies, it's a cerebral and contemplative mix with a subtle groove from beginning to end. It was recorded on Perez' return from Japan, and is a little bit more "moody" than you'd expect from him. Nonetheless, with its engaging selections and seamless mixing, it's a mix you'll keep coming back to. Grab it now via the WeTransfer button below. 

What have you been up to recently? 

I’ve been spending some quality family time, working on the last touches of my upcoming music projects and playing really fun gigs. I have to say, the last three months were very thrilling and productive.

How was 2018 for you, on reflection? 

Another hectic year for the books. A year of changes for me in many ways. Change is what makes us grow and we have to get the best out of them in order to improve. I’m extremely grateful for what I've achieved until now and how honest my decisions have been made. Being far from what’s politically correct ain't always good for business, people say. Time flies, the music scene is constantly evolving, and you want to be rolling with it on your own way. So let’s keep moving forward!

When and where was this mix recorded?

It was recorded in my studio, on a cozy night in Autumn coming into winter.

I was right back from my last tour in Japan. My mind was still there after listening to several hundreds of records that week in different stores around the country. I’m pretty sure that impacted my choice of the kind of mix I wanted to play. I was still feeling the jet lag and my mood was right on point to record it.

Is there a particular theme or idea behind it?

Kind of. I like to express my personal taste while mixing different styles on my podcasts and this one wasn’t an exception. You can find a way more moody vibe on this one: deep sounds, breaks, flying pads, and dreamy melodies. It’s definitely a mix to listen and get inspired, just like I did while recording it.

How did you choose the tracks that you included?

I knew where to find the right records for this one. I have my records quite well organized and I didn’t want too many party vibes on it, so I went straight to those piles. I played the selection a few times and I chose the ones I thought would fit better.

What’s next on the horizon?

Right now packing bags to fly to the Australian summer for another exciting tour and some other trips afterward. USA, Central-South America, among others shows in Europe during this first period of the year. It’s looking fun already! New situations, new environments, old friends, and new ones on the way. Bring it on!

My Label Girada Unlimited is going smooth. The record number 06 is coming in the next weeks with a very interesting collaborative project. The label is in a great growing moment.

A third release will come out by the end of the month on Rawax. It’s a release called Of the Beaten Tracks, with three original tracks with a remix from Future Beat Alliance. I’m really proud and happy with this release and can’t wait to see the reaction of the crowd.

I took some time off the studio at the end of last year to relax, breath, and enjoy seeing the last finished projects coming out during these next months. Now, I can’t wait to go back in there in between the next tours all over the world with fresh ideas from many sources of inspiration. 

Due to issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the podcast here.