Warm and emotional groove from the elusive Italian.

Domenico Rosa originates from Benevento, a city located in the South East portion of Italy. He began collecting records aged 15 after discovering some local collectives and DJs, and took the decision to teach himself to mix records using the two turntables he had recently purchased. It became clear that he wished to devote himself to electronic music and so enrolment at a local Sound Engineering course served as a stepping stone into the world of production. After years of experimentation, he started Imprints Records in 2011 together with Riccardo Buccirossi (a.k.a Riccardo), a London-based producer also originating from Benevento. The aim was to reproduce and release the sorts of records they'd been listening to for so many years. 

The label's success opened the door to bookings around Italy and throughout Europe. Up first was Shades Of Swing, a three-track EP from Rosa himself, and there have since been appearances from 100 Hz, Markus Sommer, Riccardo, and more. Rosa's sound, much like the label's, is playful and groovy, rooted in the old-school sitting within a minimal framework. He adopts a similar aesthetic with his DJing: known to be a real digger with a penchant for slick groove and warm melodies, his sets are filled with tracks you're unlikely to have heard and will probably never hear again. His podcast is a testament to this: barring the few track names he's revealed, do you recognize any of the music? 

In celebration of his new label, Propersound Records, Rosa offered to compile a podcast for our series. It's much less club-ready than what you'll normally hear from him; focus, instead, is on "warm and emotional sounds." It'll certainly make you dance, but we've found ourselves kicking back to it too. 

What have you been up to recently? 

Recently I’ve been busy between my gigs and starting my new record label, Propersound Records. I’ve spent the last few months traveling around Europe, Africa, and Australia, having the pleasure of playing places that I’ve never been to before.

When and where was this mix recorded?

The mix was recorded at the beginning of February at my own studio in Benevento, Italy, where I finally found some free time to focus on this mix.

Is there a particular theme or idea behind it?

This podcast is made up mostly of a selection of tracks for listening to outside of a club. The main feature of this mix is not the beat, but the warm and emotional sounds.

How did you choose the tracks that you included?

I’ve spent lots of time at my place digging in my collection. I could have played other tracks on this mix, but I thought that this selection is more suited to this kind of journey.

What’s next on the horizon? 

Two remixes on the way to be out for 2019. One will be out soon and it’s done for my old friends at Kommuna in Barcelona. I’ve also got another remix that will be out around the end of the year for Albion Records, a label from the UK. I also have one track that will be out really soon on a various artist compilation for a new record label called Ovnie Records, based in Madrid.

Due to issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the podcast here


01. Betrieb "Strandperle" (Klang Elektronik)

02. Undisclosed

03. Undisclosed

04. The Bionaut (Eat Raw)

05. Undisclosed

06. Jeremiah "Only Dubbin' On My 808 (Grow!)

07. Undisclosed

08. Undisclosed

09.  Animated "Skelectro" (Dust 2 Dust Records)

10. Undisclosed

11. Undisclosed

12. East Island "Sir York Is Where" (Down Load Music)

13. Undisclosed

14. Undisclosed

15. Undisclosed

16. Undisclosed

17. Undisclosed

18. Undisclosed

19. 2K4S, NDSOMEWARE ‎"E2E02" ( end2end )