Easy-going groove that'll have you smiling all the way.

Sacha Winkler has been one of Zurich's most glittering characters for over a decade. He began life a drummer in hip-hop collective Sendak before branching out as Kalabrese, first appearing in 2000 on Stattmusik. A 2004 Perlon debut arrived in the shape of 73 Chicken Fried Rice, paving the way for a stream of EPs that blend abstract beats with kooky vocals and ever kookier lyrics. It set the template for his debut album, 2007's Rumpelzirkus; while more recent songs like "Purple Rose" and "Independent Dancer," the title track from his sophomore album—the debut on his own Rumpelmusig imprint—have catapulted Winkler into more popular channels, where he sees regular playtime from the likes of KCRW and Sonica Ibiza

In the DJ booth, Winkler brings the same playful attitude, mixing disco, funk, groove-laden house and just about whatever else he wants. He often performs at Zukunft, a leading Zurich-based space which also features a label-arm that will house his most recent EP, Let Me Be Your Princess, out April 1. We're told that the EP is a precursor for a third album, details of which will come soon. In celebration of this EP, his first new material since 2017's Bananenräuber, he's recorded a podcast for the XLR8R series. He recorded it one morning at Zukunft, spinning on the fly. It's fun and sexy easy-going groove that'll have you smiling all the way. 

When and where was the mix recorded?

I recorded the mix in my Club Zukunft, during the week, in the morning after two espressos.

Is there a particular theme or idea behind it?

I just wanted to do a smooth club mix, as I would do a warm-up set in my club.

How did you choose the tracks that you included? 

I love to start with sunny afro disco and then going deeper with some moody house tunes and kickin' a little bit more with funky US-house and mixing into my own tracks and ending with the sphere electro of Aphex Twin. 

What’s next on the horizon?

My 12" EP on Zukunft is coming in April. I hope to bring another EP in the second half of this year and push my album process in my studio to finish the album by the end of the year.

Due to issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the podcast here.


01. Lord Shorty "Sweet Music" (Sofrito edit)

02. William Onyeabor "Atomb Bomb (Hot Chip Mix)

03. Tomasz Guiddo "Go Back (Kalabrese mix)

04. Police "Voices Inside My Head" (slayd5000 edit)

05. Trouble Man "Strike Hard"

06. Motor Bass "Get Phunked Up (Electrofunk Remix)

07. Duoala "It’s all in your Mind"

08. Dbx "Live Wire"

09. Paul Hester "The Voyage" 

10. Leon Vincent "Synthesizer Cake#3" 

11. Murphy Jax feat. Mike Dunn "It's the Music"

12. Gemini "Swimmin' with the Sharks"

13. San Proper "Love Baby Love"

14. Kalabrese "Sitting on a Cornflake"

15. Kalabrese "Let Me Be Your Princess"

16. Arthur Russell "Song for Real" (Edit)

17. AFX "Boxing Day"