Gloomy electronics from the Baltic Sea.

It's not too long ago that XLR8R visited Christian Löffler in his German countryside home beside the Baltic Sea. This was a time when Löffler was just releasing Mare, his sophomore album recorded in a secluded cabin with a modest setup. Ever since its release his fans have been craving something new—another slice of his deep, cerebral house. 

Only more recently have cries been answered. Earlier this month, Löffler returned with his third album, Graal (Prologue), out via Ki-Records. Created on the road, the album is a reflection of the German artist's frustration of not having the mental space at the time to create music. Even more exciting is that Graal (Prologue) serves as a prelude to a second companion album to be released before the end of the year. 

In support of Graal (Prologue) and the upcoming album, Löffler has recorded an XLR8R podcast, aimed to give an insight into the music that he's listening to now. Although it's not all his own material, fans of Löffler's work will no doubt enjoy the sounds: it's full of the sort of endearingly beautiful cuts that Löffler himself is known for. It's gloomy and introspective at times, driving and upbeat at others; expect an hour of melancholic ambient minimal, euphoric neo-classical techno, and downtempo psychedelic fresh from the mind of one of game's finest.

Due to issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the podcast here.

What have you been up to recently? 

We are currently touring with the new album in Europe. There is one last stop and after that, I will get back to work on the next album.

How are you feeling about this new material? 

Excited, as so many things are happening around it and I'm happy to finally share new music. Also, I enjoy the process as I got back into drawing and painting alongside producing the music which is very inspiring in a different way.

How does this upcoming second album compare to the first one in terms of aesthetics? 

It’s going to be a proper studio album. Whereas Graal is more about quick sketches and catching the moment, the next album is going more into detail and taking its time to unfold. I’m also recording my own vocals again.

When and where was this mix recorded? 

I recorded it last week while I had a break in between tour stops. It’s mixed in Ableton Live using some effects from my productions.

How did you choose the records that you included? 

I wanted to have a selection of longtime favorites and current jams. I enjoyed listening again to Pawel’s album on Dial and also John Roberts which was a massive inspiration back then. Also, I wanted to include a track of Janus Rasmussen who released a super beautiful album just recently. 

Is there a particular concept behind it?

Not a particular concept as it was; it's more about catching the moment on that day. I just enjoyed going through some old favorites and combined it with stuff that's caught my attention lately.  

What’s next on the horizon? 

I’m having a break from touring in May to catch up on finishing the next album as well as going back into the studio to finalize paintings I’m creating simultaneously to the music. Also, we are setting a massive album release tour for the end of the year all over Europe with a huge new light show. I’m super excited to see this production in its entirety. 


01. Christian Löffler "Graal" (Ki Records)

02. Pawel "Kramnik" (Dial Records)

03. Yoni Yarchi & Tal Tager "In Another Dimension" (Powel Remix) (CNR)

04. Kin Leonn "Visionary" (Kitchen. Label)

05. Reggy van Oers "Sinuosity" (Ness Remix) (Affin)

06. Vacant "Escape" (Vacant)

07. Tale Of Us "Notte senza fine" (Kiasmos Remix) (Deutsche Grammophon)

08. Christian Löffler "Bird" (Ki Records) 

09. Willaris. K "Natural Selection" (Alva Street)

10. Janus Rasmussen "December" (Ki Records)

11. Mike Slott "Mayday" (OCSNL)

12. John Roberts "Ever Or Not" (Dial Records)