Anti-concept mixing.

From obtuse angles to intense physicality, Peder Mannerfelt’s ongoing mutations of techno remain rooted in the genre's kinetic energy while breaking down its rigid, illusory constraints. He has recorded an accomplished series of albums as Roll The Dice alongside Malcolm Pardon, and explored a more direct strain of techno as The Subliminal Kid, but it's under his own name that Mannerfelt’s sonic non-conformist imprint is most acutely felt.  

Away from appearances on Hinge Finger, Numbers., Lazy Tapes, and more, he established his own Peder Mannerfelt Produktions label to carry the bulk of his output, and that of kindred spirits like Klara Lewis, Machine Woman, and Sissel Wincent. EPs such as Transmission From A Drainpipe and The 3D Printed Songbook, plus LPs Controlling Body and last year's Daily Routine all feed into a distinctive abstraction of contemporary techno. It’s an approach at once engaging and challenging, both unhinged and utterly unpredictable.  

Mannerfelt's XLR8R podcast is one driven by instinct rather than concept. Propulsive and crooked, it mixes the strange with the straight-up, the classic with the contemporary, more like a DJ set than one of his other pre-conceived studio mixes. "I've done a lot of concept mixes in the past so this one is made with an anti-concept, just straight up banging shit that makes me wanna rock out," he says. Grab it now via the WeTransfer button below. 

What have you been up to recently? 

I have just premiered a new live A/V show together with Tarik Barri, it's a very exciting project that’s based on a program called Videosync which integrates seamlessly into Ableton Live. This program will be a total game changer in terms of what can be done, not just with video but also controlling dmx lights all from the same Live session that runs the audio. I'm super excited to be able to use, abuse, and test this out with Tarik who, in my view, is one of the most innovative people working in the world of live visuals.

Together with Pär Grindvik, I've also just released the first records for our new collaborative project, Aasthma. We’re still in the process of figuring out what this project is all about but there's already some very cool things on the horizon for Aasthma so keep it locked. 

When and where was this mix recorded? 

It's all made in Ableton on a transatlantic flight to the US and back where I did a show together with Tarik at the Cycling 74 Expo at MASS MoCA. The expo was a super nice place to meet a bunch of freaks from around the world who came together to geek out over coding, most of which flew way above my head.

How did you choose the records that you included? 

It's basically just my most recent folder of music lifted from Rekordbox into Ableton. 

Is there a particular concept behind it?

I wanted it to reflect where I’m at musically at this particular moment and for it to be a snapshot of what I would play in a club. I've done a lot of concept mixes in the past so this one is made with an anti-concept, just straight up banging shit that makes me wanna rock out.

What’s next on the horizon? 

I’ve got a whole bunch of remixes of a track from my last album called ”Sissel & Bass” coming out on June 21. This is actually the first ever remixes release of my solo work I’ve commissioned so I'm very excited to get this out. I’ve done some kick-ass long sleeve T-shirts to go with the release, also a first for my label. After that, I'm gonna retreat to the Stockholm archipelagos for a well-deserved summer holiday with the family.

Due to issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the podcast here.


01. Peder Mannerfelt "Destroy All Boys Clubs" (N/A)

02. African Head Charge "Stone Charge" (On-U Sound)

03. Logos "Stentorian" (Different Circles)

04. Mant Festo "Memories" (Club Glow)

05. NKC "Posh Puzz" (Her Records)

06. Sissel Wincent "Flood On Drizzle" (Rösten)

07. Taken Name "And I Need You More Then Ever" (Stockholm LTD)

08. LFO "Nurture" (Warp Records)

09. Sofia Kourtesis "Lana Gaye" (Studio Barnhus)

10. Etch x Nico Lindsay "Don't Wanna Know" (Sneaker Social Club)

11. Sisilisko "Behind The Sun" (Aminote Editions)

12. Amish Boy "Set Goering" (Power Vacuum)

13. Microthol "Dissonaze" (TRUST)

14. Scalameriya "Hyperdrift" (TGHEM)

15. Peder Mannerfelt "Sissel & Bass" (On Screen Actor Remix) (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)

16. Neana "Soirée" (Neana on the Track) 

17. Paula Temple "Gegen" (Noise Manifesto)

18. Da Hool "Meet Her at the Loveparade" (GT2)

19. MM "HFL Track" (Even The Strong)

20. Cocktail Party Effect "I Feel Sick" (Cold Recordings)

21. Mr. Oizo "Stunt" (F Communications) 

22. Bass Clef "Emphasise Empathise" (Slip)

23. Slikback "Zuhura" (Hakuna Kulala)

24. Anelor "Stuzdyondrumsn1" (N/A)

25. Gaunt "Spacebirds" (Not So Much)

26. Batu "False Reed" (Timedance)

27. Miami Sound Machine "Conga" (Multi Extended Version) (Epic)

28. Joel Mull "Mnemonics" (Parabel)

29. Yaws "Reflekt" (Alien Jams)

30. Orphan Ann "Vi är överallt" (Moloton)

31. Brad Fiedel "Sarah On the Run" (Universal)

32. Peder Mannerfelt "Sissel & Bass" (Perko Remix) (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)