Podcast 434: Cio D'Or

The German sound architect provides a dramatic hour of experimental techno.
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Cio Dorbandt is a part of German techno’s furniture. Born in Hannover, she can now be found in Cologne, while over the course of a lengthy career she has stamped her mark on cities across the country, and many other spots further afield. Made a resident at Munich’s infamous Ultraschall in 2001, she had also spent much of her youth pursuing her aspiration to become a dancer in ‘80s Berlin—a place she now frequents for gigs at the likes of Berghain, Tresor, and ://about blank​, following a wave of international recognition in the late ‘00s.

With years of experience behind the decks, studio work came a little later for Dorbandt. Releasing on Prologue, Semantica and more, her sound as Cio D'Or was recognized as central in a wave of minimal, hypnotic techno producers, encompassing characters like Mike Parker, Sleeparchive and Donato Dozzy (with whom she has often worked alongside). More recently, she has turned her attention to a broader spectrum of styles, bouncing between dub and ambient soundscapes, with the focus directed on sound design. Her most recent album, All In All, was some of her most experimental work yet, diving head first into a world of piano composition and cinematic music, as well as the regular dancefloor fodder. Not prepared to confine her talents to record though, she has also orchestrated a choreography project alongside Brigitta Muntendorf entitled PULSA:RE, combining the work of an ensemble with a DJ set—yet another string on her musical bow. D’Or steps up for this week’s podcast, with a dramatic hour long mix of experimental techno sounds that gives a sense of where she is at right now.


01. Keadz "Ceremonial Dance of the White Pygmy" [Lpc]
02. Monolake "Unstable Matter" [Imbalance Computer Music]
03. Mika Vainio "Unien Holvit" [Sähkö]
04. Refracted "Plateau" [Silent Season]
05. Fldexp "Lagu" [Silent Season]
06. Dino Sabatini "Prophecy" [Prologue]
07. Powerplant "Import/Export" [Suite for Global Junk (Murcof Rmx)] [Nonclassical]
08. Cio D´Or "after and before" [Semantica]
09. Xhin "Link Tool" [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
10. Antonio Ruscito "Composte (E)" [Kabalion]
11. Cio D´Or "Unreleased" [Unreleased]
12. DJ Blackstone & Amit Shoham "Disciples of Johnny Mojo" [Tarantic Records (Black Kaspar)]
13. Elle "Haiuri" [Annulled]
14. Mike Parker "Smoke From Burning Fields" [Balans]
15. Milton Bradley "Spiral Of Silence" [Do Not Resist The Beat!]
16. Mike Parker "Lustration One" [Prologue]
17. Various Adepts (Vol III) "Void+Stars" [Hypnus Records]
18. Mike Parker "Ketos Troias" [Repitch]
19. Aleksi Perala "UK74R1408024"[The Colundi Sequence Level 6]
20. Dino Sabatini "Ritual" [Prologue]
21. Tensal "Eco 4" [Tensal]
22. Unknown Location "Relation" [Circular Limited]
23. Dorian Gray "Iceberg" [BSR]
24. I/Y "Objection" (Acronym Rmx) [DREF]
25. Antonio Ruscito "Quarto Segnale" [030]
26. Arnaud Le Texier "Synthese" (Unam Zetineb Rmx) [Affin]
27. Mike Parker "Luminescent Black" [Inkblots]
28. Mike Parker "Moisture (Treatment 3)" [Prologue]
29. Abdulla Rashim "A Shell of Speed" [Northern Electronics]
30. Samuli Kemppi "Power Of Voltages" [M_RecLtd]
31. Unknown "Unknown" [SC002]
32. Pilgrimage "Unknown" [Unknown]
33. Cio D'Or "Tomorrow Was Yesterday" [Semantica]

XLR8R Podcast 434 - Cio D`or