Podcast 258: Shed

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Although we'd like to think that every installment of XLR8R's weekly podcast series features an artist whose work is well worth listening to, we do recognize that not every mix we post will qualify for must-listen status with our entire audience. That being said, this week's podcast comes from Shed (a.k.a. Rene Pawlowitz), and should be considered an exception to the rule. Fresh off the release of his new album, The Killer, the German producer has put together an exclusive mix, the consumption of which should be required for each and every XLR8R reader. Over the past decade, Shed has been fine tuning his dark and dubby sound, perfecting an aesthetic that's rooted in techno, but also branches into bits of house, garage, and various other facets of the electronic spectrum. Much of this exploratory work has been done via Shed's litany of pseudonyms, something he was kind enough to break down for us in detail just a few weeks back. It's a good thing that he did, because while there aren't any official Shed productions in the podcast tracklisting (save for a single remix), several of his other aliases do make an appearance. Weaving those contributions together with an interesting assortment of rare, early-'90s cuts and a handful of more current offerings, Shed has assembled a potent hour-long mix that largely consists of thundering warehouse techno. Full of sharp, metallic synths and blunt, cavernous beats, the podcast is surprisingly short on nuance and finely detailed minutiae. In truth, it's a bit relentless, albeit in a way that's undeniably immersive and hypnotic. It appears that Shed wants our attention, and he's certainly got it.

01 Ether "Spiritool" (Phono)
02 Bandshell "Rise Em" (Hessle Audio)
03 The Traveller "A100" (Ostgut Ton)
04 Maurizio "Ploy (Strategic Mix)" (Maurizio)
05 Basic Soul Unit "Soulspeak (Shed Remix)" (Dolly)
06 True False "Do While" (If Else)
07 Resistor "#32500432" (Operation Amplified)
08 EQD "#005B" (Equalized)
09 Untold "Caslon" (Hemlock)
10 EQD "#005A" (Equalized)
11 Wax "30303B" (Wax)
12 War Easy Made "#1"
13 Futurhythm "Phuture2" (Tresor)
14 DJ Joost & Flux "Hydr(o)remix" (Phono)
15 Amanda Splitt "Bearing the Sun" (Pimped)

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