Podcast 277: South London Ordnance

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The beginning of each year is always a time for looking ahead, which is why South London Ordnance is a particularly fitting choice for the first XLR8R podcast of 2013. Granted, the UK producer had himself a rather solid 2012, dropping well-received releases on a myriad of labels and snagging the #4 slot on our list of the year's Best New Artists. Nevertheless, the general consensus is that even brighter days are ahead for the youthful beatmaker. With South London Ordnance riding a wave of momentum and currently sitting atop of pile of as-yet-unreleased heaters, we figured now would be a good time to enlist him for exclusive mix. Even better, the selection ties right in to our ongoing Bubblin' Up Week, as the producer was the subject of his own Bubblin' Up feature just a few months back. As for the mix, it finds him leaning heavily on new and unreleased cuts, riding the line between house and techno while always making sure to keep the percussion thick. Continuing with the overall theme, the podcast also offers an engaging snapshot of where a sizable sector of the UK scene will likely be operating in the year ahead. If the music here is any indication, 2013 is going to sound pretty good.

01 Intro
02 South London Ordnance "Revolver" (Hotflush)
03 Nautiluss "Depth Charge" (Turbo)
04 Scuba "Untitled" (Hotflush)
05 Unknown "Do the Vortex" (Audio Culture)
06 Nautiluss "Zero Gravity" (3024)
07 Locked Groove "Firefall" (Hotflush)
08 Furesshu "Lifted (Shifted Remix)" (Project Squared)
09 South London Ordnance "Lemur"
10 Altered Natives "Martyn's Friend" (Eye4Eye)
11 Stray "Get off the Stage"
12 Ivy Lab "Brat (South London Ordnance Remix)" (Critical)
13 Renaissance Man "What You Do When You Do What You Do (Sei A Remix)" (Turbo)
14 Dense & Pika "31" (Hotflush)
15 Ella Patrice "Rise of (Ms. Patrice)" (Aery Metals)
16 Outro

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