Podcast 154: SWTBRDS

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2010 hasn't exactly been a banner year for hip-hop, but one crew we have been consistently impressed with, SWTBRDS, happens to reside right here in our Bay Area backyard. Home to acts like DaVinci, StreetMedia, and Adrian Champion, the label's catalog to date is only three albums deep—all of which are available for free download via the SWTBRDS's Bandcamp—but the young imprint has quickly shown that Bay Area hip-hop has a lot more to offer than cartoonish hyphy rap. This podcast, entitled SWTBRDS Mix #1, features 95% SWTBRDS material and was put together by label affiliate Ammbush, a member of the famed Oakland Faders and the Drums & Ammo beat click, whose membership also includes producers Al Jieh, REL, & 6fingers, all of whom contribute their beatmaking talents to these tracks. Blasting through 22 songs in 38 minutes, Ammbush showcases the label's wealth of talent, and has us hoping that SWTBRDS Mix #2 will be right around the corner.

01 Intro
02 DaVinci "All I Have"
03 Adrian Champion "Ante Up Every Way"
04 StreetMedia "Distinguished Gentlemen"
05 DaVinci "Real Ni**az"
06 Adrian Champion "Fucking Apples"
07 Ammbush "Underground"
08 DaVinci "Whiplash"
09 Adrian Champion "One More Corner"
10 StreetMedia "Lift The People (feat. Raphael Saadiq)"
11 DaVinci "Ben"
12 Ammbush "Jackmove (feat. Canibus)"
13 StreetMedia "Paperchasin"
14 StreetMedia "This Boy"
15 DaVinci "Hustler's Theme"
16 PSD Tha Drivah "Thizzlamic (feat. Mac Mall)"
17 Adrian Champion "Got Yourself a Cannon"
18 DaVinci "Guys Wanna"
19 Mistah F.A.B. "Change A Lil"
20 Moe Green "Comfort Zone"
21 Wise Intelligent "Intelligent Wise"
22 StreetMedia "Push"

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