Podcast 181: The Miracles Club

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We're not going to lie. When XLR8R first caught wind of The Miracles Club, we had our doubts. Granted, we were already fans of Honey Owens and her droney, experimental work as Valet and as a member of Nudge—we even made her the subject of an episode of XLR8R TV a couple years ago. But Honey Owens... doing house music? In Portland? And claiming classic Chicago sounds as an influence? No offense to our pals in the Pacific Northwest, but the City of Roses isn't exactly known for its love of DJ culture. Vintage stores, organic eats, and DIY noisemaking? Yes. Thumping, club-friendly beats? Not so much. So imagine our surprise when the outfit's debut EP, Light of Love, came out last year and was actually... good. Since then, the group—which also features synth/drum-machine wizard Rafael Fauria and dancer Ryan Boyle—has been featured in our Bubblin' section, continued running its Ecstasy blog/label, released a second EP, A New Love, via Mexican Summer, and also put together a goofy music video inspired by '90s TV dance parties. Simply put, we've been convinced, which is why we tapped The Miracles Club to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Given that the band wears its love for old-school, piano-driven Chicago house on its sleeve, it's a tad surprising that the mix contains so much new music, while also finding time to explore some more ambient, blissed-out offerings. Not that we're complaining; The Miracles Club might be new to the game, but they manage to skillfully weave together house, electro, disco, and more on this exceedingly pleasant mix.

01 We Like Cats "No Ordinary Dub" (Marriage)
02 Seefeel "Spangle" (Warp)
03 Wav Dwgs "Global Age"
04 Das Moth "Wrong (KiNK & Neville Watson Remix)" (Cutters)
05 Storm Queen "Look Right Through" (Environ)
06 Kim Ann Foxman "What You Need" (Mr. INTL)
07 The Miracles Club "Light of Love (Neurotic Drum Band Mix)" (Cutters)
08 Finesse "Elevate (Kendig's Lifted Remix)" (Ecstasy)
09 Coral Way Chiefs "Release Myself" (Murk)
10 Emotion 2 Emotion "Right Here (feat. Justin Green)"
11 Corinne "Dream A Little Dream (Runaway Remix Dub)" (On the Prowl)
12 Jon Hassell "Dream Theory" (Editions EG)
13 Golden Retriever "Golden Retriever 2" (Bucket Factory)
14 The Miracles Club "Can You Feel It" (Mexican Summer)

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