Podcast 194: Tom Trago

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For an artist located in Amsterdam, Tom Trago's music sure does have a lot of soul. The shapeshifting DJ/producer, who's been releasing music—primarily through the unparalleled Rush Hour label—since 2006, has dabbled in numerous genres over the years, from off-kilter hip-hop to soulful house and disco. His new album, Iris, came out last week and finds Trago fusing together his various musical infatuations into the lengthiest statement of his career. As such, we figured now would be a fine time to enlist Trago's services for the XLR8R podcast series. Over the course of an hour, he adeptly combines several fresh cuts—many of them from the Rush Hour roster—with vintage house, disco, and electro-funk. Somewhat surprisingly, the man doesn't utilize a single one of his own productions. His diverse tastes apparently overruled any sort of self-promotional impulse—not that we're complaining.

01 Brenda Taylor "You Can't Have Your Cake" (West End)
02 Tony Cook & The Party People "On The Floor" (Half Moon)
03 Fingers "A Path Unreleased (Virgo Tracks Version)" (Kstarke)
04 Virgo Four "It's a Crime (Caribou Mix)" (Rush Hour)
05 Daphni "Ye Ye" (Text)
06 Skudge "Give It on Up (Aardvarck Mix)" (Skudge)
07 Cosmin TRG "Magnetic Bodies" (Rush Hour)
08 Space Dimension Controller "Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere" (Royal Oak)
09 Common Factor "Deeper Quest" (SSR)
10 Braille "The Year 3000" (Rush Hour)
11 D'PAc & Terrence FM "Wouldn't Lie" (Vicious)
12 Rondenion "Like A Child" (Bosconi)
13 Gesloten Cirkel "Yamagic" (Moustache)
14 Prince "The Future" (Warner Bros.)

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