Various Kitsuné Maison 4


Kitsuné’s fourth Maison comp offers up 13 samples of what the Paris fashionista label has to offer the indie-dance kids it not-so-slyly hooked with Klaxons. Techno purists are still going to loathe it, but Kitsuné Maison 4 veers nicely from indie- land; granted, Air spin-off Darkel’s take on Air’s “Be My Friend” is about as interesting as the flat, Air-covering-Air original. But beyond that, the comp’s a grand ride. The foaming-at-the-mouth club anthem “Tuning In,” from Leeds’ grime/”new rave” lovechildren Hadouken!, nearly overpowers everything, but sleeper gems like Crystal Castles’ 8-bit flood “Knights” and Midnight Juggernauts’ stuttering, glitch-fucked remix of Dragonette’s “I Get Around” shine through. Excellent overall–electronic dogmatists be damned.