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The fantasy of 2Mex is better than the reality of 2Mex. You want to root for this LA-reared, Spanglish-popping MC the same way you once had faith in Kid Frost. But those were younger, more idealistic days, and 2Mex lacks Frost's alternately menacing and amusing gangsta pretensions. On this self-titled album-which comes a mere five months after his last release, Sweat Lodge Infinite-2Mex leans towards cute, self-deprecating numbers, like the deliciously cheesy "Only as Good As Goodbye," and "Baby I Ain't Joking," in which he raps, "Why would someone so pretty and smart fall in love with an underground MC?" 2Mex's insecure moments are sometimes charming, but they can't rescue an album cluttered with throwaways.