Kreng L'Autopsie Phénoménale De Dieu

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With a range of influences that spans generations and genres, Kreng's compositions force the listener's ears open, even though most have been taken out of their original context as scores for theater pieces by the Belgian experimental group Abattoir Fermé. Numbers like "Tinseltown" recall the clanging of Harry Partch and Godfried-Willem Raes, and continuing in the avant-garde vein, John Cage's Imaginary Landscapes are evoked throughout the album. With "Meisje In Auto," Chopin is chopped into pieces, and "Kolossus" sounds like a noisy collaboration between Barry Adamson during his death-obsessed period and Peter Brötzmann when he was punk as fuck. In the end, Kreng's debut is a fascinating and affecting collection of experimental sound collage that will certainly stand the test of time.