Various Artists 8-Bit Operators

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Unlike just about every Kraftwerk tribute record to date, 8-Bit Operators is the modern (well, throwback-modern) response to the producers and bands who have failed to pay proper homage to machine music's innovators. Armed with custom-made 8-bit analog gadgets (most of which were created by the artists themselves), producers from 8-Bit Weapon to Sweden's Role Model to Nullsleep demonstrate their own blends of chip-rock-stuff that's amped enough to make the German computer kings hack their own Nintendos and hop back into the studio. Between 8-Bit Weapon's attention to melody and crunch on their studious and precise version of "Spacelab" and Nullsleep's repetitive, morphine-Tetris take on "The Model," this tribute accomplishes far more than reinventing Kraftwerk songs with tweaked Commodores; it truly illlustrates how exponentially the chip scene has grown. This is computer love.