PPP Abundance


Three years after their critically acclaimed debut, Motor City thoroughbreds Waajeed and Saadiq deliver a sophomore release in a surprisingly about-face fashion. The duo all but abandons its hip-hop leanings here for a decidedly R&B/soul sound. With melodious vocal assists from new recruits such as St. Louis native Coultrain, Texas songstress Karma Stewart, and Brooklynite Jamila Raegan, Abundance brazenly explores Latin-soul fusion (“The Ghost of Aveiro”), Charles Stepney-esque balladry (“Sanctuary”), and throwback soul (“On a Cloud”). Abundance also finds PPP introspecting, engaging in sociopolitical commentary (“American Pimp”), and musing on the proliferation of poseurs and culture vultures (“Smoking Mirrors”). Although fans of the duo's MPC boom-bap may be left scratching their heads, PPP’s allegiance to the groove should soothe all doubts.