MU Afro Finger and Gel

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Me' prefer soft moaning. But if you're into some shrieking psycholovin,' meet Mu and hold tight-the lady'll take you on some wild ride. We get wide splatters of all kinds of great beats from Maurice Fulton (a.k.a. Dr. Scratch), like "Jealous Kids"'s atonal electro slashed with tribal drums and Mu's Japanese-accented petulance. It's drum-circle-meets-electro-thunder, ripped through with some Latin influences and ruptured by Mu's piercing yelps. They're cathartic to a point, but must we get so art-house? Where do you draw the line between potentially iconoclastic and just memorably irritating? Afro Finger & Gel is a squirmy hellcat, thankfully totally unafraid of its weirdness.