Microfilm After Dark + Blueprints


Two men in love with German minimal techno, disco trash, early '80s synth-pop is how the official Microfilm bio reads, and it pretty much predicts where After Dark is going. Meticulously regurgitated Spoonerisms and Speicher-esque tidbits, while cleanly executed, deliver little more than a safely enclosed tram ride through the same old theme park. Fortunately, the Blueprints portion of this double album successfully fucks shit up with some eclectic remix bombings. Kero rewires "Sex Education" with his disjointed IDM flow alongside a couple of mild tech-house remixes from Warmdesk and Soultek. Outsourced by Area injects their dry, shuffling snazz into "Cassingle" while Monologic transforms the yarble-deficient "Versus" into a seething, bottom-heavy 4/4 stomper.