Aelters Ardchilds' Com.Undo

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PowerBook jester Aelters apparently left DAT Politics because the loopy French laptop quartet weren't wacky enough. This should give you an inkling of the fractured digital dementia splattered all over Ardchilds' Com.Undo's 16 tracks, which find Aelters blowing mocking raspberries at "serious" techno and IDM tropes. While Ardchilds' may strike some as trifling and absurd, the disc contains flashes of irreverent brilliance. Spluttering, rough-hewn abstract techno tracks like "Starapeakotop" and "Porkfesonli" take bytes out of Cylob's hard drive while "Hombrero"'s industrial clank and pile-driver funk rhythms bump rambunctiously like late-'90s Si Begg. If nothing else, Aelters's spazztronics forever torch the misconception that electronic music is a strictly humorless endeavor.