Various Artists Badmeaningood Vol. 2: Roots Manuva

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Is it our duty as good hipsters to hate on branded compilation series? If the people running the Badmeaningood series have anything to say about it, they'll smack us around for being narrow-minded little elitists, then send the mighty Roots Manuva over with big bag o' records to play for us, just to be nice. The British hip-hop maverick brings the same eclectic, soulful aesthetic that animates his albums to his installment of this series, yanking us back and forth across the Atlantic, ranging through soul, English pop, drum & bass, and hip-hop old and new. The mixing tends toward hard fades instead of beatmatching, but how can you stay mad at a man who slots his own spooky-ass cover of "Yellow Submarine" (yes, that "Yellow Submarine," fool) as the penultimate track here? In this case, yes, bad does mean good-so stop hating, hipster.