Various Artists Belle et Fou Soundtrack: Compiled By Jazzanova

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Berlin's six-man production juggernaut Jazzanova hits a high point in their 12-year career with, of all things, a soundtrack to a German cooking show. Better still, 11 of the collection's 19 tracks are unreleased. The group's signature stutter beat is joined with gaudy '70s soul strings on the title theme while, contrastingly, "Am I Losing You" is an understated orchestral instrumental; these guys are showing range. The other artists present (Forss, Outlines, Micatone, and Wahoo) also accomplish soulful, eclectic maneuvers. But the album belongs to the Berlin sextet's masterful cinematic jazz, evidenced on the Rhodes-led "Behold These Days." Grab your fork-Jazzanova is serving the main course.