Various Artists Bionic Breaks: Compiled By Boris Dlugosch

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If Bionic Breaks was a live set, it might seem a bit cold and clinical. But German DJ Boris Dlugosch didn't use a traditional turntable/mixer set-up to compile these two discs-he employed Ableton Live software. The result is a crucial history lesson that occasionally becomes a dynamic dancefloor bomb. From the goth bump 'n' grind of Human League's "Being Boiled" to the robotic freestyle of Freez's "Pop Goes My Love" to the insistent pulse of Hashim's classic "Al-Naafiysh," Bionic Breaks counts among its 41 tracks some of the most essential proto-techno masterpieces ever. These get sutured together with modern day anthems like Metro Area's "Miura" and the Chicken Lips remix of Playgroup's "Make It Happen," and pretty soon you've ingested enough grinding synthetic funk to keep you pop-locking through the next century.