Blue Scholars Blue Scholars

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Driven in part by their parents‘ blue-collar work ethic, Seattle‘s MC Geologic and producer/DJ Sabzi of Blue Scholars dropped their magnetic self-titled debut last year without any cameos, collabos or the support of a big-name label. For everyone that wasn‘t lucky enough to catch this album the first time around, the pair now re-releass a revamped version with three brand-new tracks. One of them is the thought provoking, "No Rest For The Weary," in which Geo raps, "40 to a class?/No wonder we delinquent/half the school district never make it to commencement." With his intelligent inquiries and down-to-earth approach, Geo rarely fails to raise ears. Meanwhile, Sabzi‘s lively jazz and ethnic string-driven loops prove to be just as captivating. To think this duo has only been working together for three years-one can only imagine what they‘ll accomplish in another three.