Various Artists Bobby Konders:Massive B: Mad Sick Head Nah Good Mix

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On this "official dancehall mixtape" from Greensleeves (the home of countless dancehall sizzlers), Hot 97 DJ and Massive B label owner Bobby Konders avoids all the booby traps that make most hip-hop and reggae tapes unlistenable. Gone are the excessive shout-outs, dodgy 30-second mixes, and schizophrenic careening between anthems and crappy b-sides. Enter a mad sick and utterly cohesive collection of all the tunes and riddims that have been killing dances over the last year. Konders moves from the insistent bump 'n' wine of Elephant Man's "Genie Dance" through Wayne Wonder's crossover hit "No Letting Go" to Wayne Marshall's "Check Yourself" verse over the cartoon-like Masterpiece riddim (which conjures vision of flappers line-dancing), never once dropping the energy below maximum. Highlights include Alozade, Hollow Point and Mr. Vegas' modern-day revision of "Under Mi Sensi" over the Nintendo-driven Clappas beat, and Elephant Man's psychotic dance instruction record "Blas» Blas»," which segues between lisped lines like "blathaaay, blathheee-blay" and "runawaaaay when you see your enemaay." Crucial.