Various Artists Christophe Monier Presents Rockers' Delight: The Rock Sound of Darkest Paris 1990-1996

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News flash: the French aren't all disco-house pogoing robots! Nor are they Air-jocking AM-radio enthusiasts! This brilliantly curated compilation remembers a forgotten Gallic underworld, where dirty guitar-riff shrapnel collided with muddy thuds of electro and techno percussion. Back then, vocals on records weren't filtered through the sunny robo-spectrum of a vocoder, but-as evidenced by Patrick Vidal's two cuts as Discotique-ranged from seductively suggestive downtempo to literally screaming sex. Some distant echoes of its elastic bass and electroclash-anticipating arpeggiated basslines certainly survived, yet the grit of musical integrity and invention displayed here has not. Read the track listing out loud in a "Where are they now?" voice.