Clue To Kalo Come Here When You Sleepwalk

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Many songs suggest or inspire movement-only a select few have movements. The songs on the Mush Records debut of Australian Mark Mitchell-who works as Clue To Kalo-breathe, blink, shift and shudder in a gauzy weave of dewy casiotone melodies and laptop morphs. Sleepwalk is a charming digital diary of sunny, soft-focus cascades over loose knots of drum patterns, sometimes aggressive yearning, sometimes timid, never fey. A momentary departure from Mush's ambitious hip-hop abstractica, Clue To Kalo would actually seem more suited to Morr Music or Plug Research, akin to Múm, Ms. John Soda, Pulse Programming and DNTEL, increasingly accessible to indie pop fans. Regardless of where Clue To Kalo sits, Mitchell's music won't stay still long, propelled as it is by fluid, optimistic, nervous energy and circulated by/to listeners of taste.