Random Factor Convergence

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Electro master Carl Finlow's latest album marks the 100th release for well-respected UK house imprint 20:20 Vision, and what a glimmering, tongue-in-cheek celebration it is. Convergence is less hands-in-the-air than hands-down-your-pants, full of tronic funk and pop lock that gets boiled down to a restrained liquid latex groove. "After The Tone" is gorgeous, burbling, early morning 4/4, for when everyone but you and your lover has left the floor. "Convergence" plays like an elegy for Construction Time Again-era Depeche Mode, full of somber New Wave vocals and minor-key synths, but Finlow also finds time for happier numbers like the sashaying and shant»-ing "Move On." Delicious computer house for Luomo fans and lithe dancefloor mavens.