Induce Cycle

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Induce gives the impression that he feels more comfortable amidst notes and beats than any cruder tools of language. Cycle swells with tremendous feeling: from lonely flute notes on the syncopated jazz-drum exercise "Call" to the late ‘80s hip-hop MC valentine "Rebirth‘s Reprise" (featuring excerpts from Good Will Hunting) to "A Wave of Calm Before the Warm," where sweeping chords of electronic noise pound against 4/4 beats as inexorably as the ocean surf. As a result, Cycle is a vibrant listen, gleaming with clear moments of quiet beauty and breezing through divergent genres seamlessly. Some throwaway tracks, like "System Mechanic," make more promises than they actually deliver; it‘s a small gripe however, especially as Induce‘s emotional articulation is otherwise so enthralling. Easily one of 2005‘s more sophisticated finds.