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From the opening hissy peck of Manhattan-based Finnish duo Dead Combo's drum machine, it's apparent this pair is locked in a suicide pact to resurrect Lower East Side sleaze, or at least look sweaty trying. Skintight leather and stained white cotton plastered to them, Dead Combo's greasers hunch over a sputtering, squirrelly moog and a mauled guitar, both lurching sneers atop a glam-disco stomp as easily descending in to brooding murk. From the stuttering "You Don't Look So Good" to a skuzzy, slashed-up cover of Bowie's "Let's Dance," this stylized apocalyptic biker gang lets fly ricocheting rivets of searing see-saw squall that may not be as foot-forward as much of Output's retro-tinged roster, but is as affecting as it is affected, nonetheless.