Greyskull Deadlivers

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These guys are like a baby Wu-Tang, but even younger than that, like when Wu-Tang was just a sperm and an egg, or a good idea not yet realized. This is altogether a masterful flashback to 1998, so if that‘s your favorite era in hip-hop, this will also be an album after your heart. With analog crackling production and lots of references to biblical characters and samurais, Greyskull wants to make horror rap so badly they threaten that "you‘ll feel [this rap] in your bone marrow," and rhyme "this planet was my child and I killed him/gave birth to his death now it‘s time to reveal him," which ends up sounding not scary at all. You‘ll like them for the same reason you can criticize them, because they‘re like a premature Wu-Tang, who even at that age probably rocked the womb.