Various Artists Drop the Lime vs. Syrup Girls: Shotgun Wedding Vol. 4

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Ghetto-house, gutterbreakz, and other guttural exhalations adhere together like pursed lips suctioning sweat-beaded skin on this "two-sided" coupling of New York producer Drop the Lime and LES DJs Syrup Girls (in the interest of disclosure, half of which is XLR8R editor Vivian Host). DTL‘s unrelenting 42-minute pitch-and hell-bent dubstep is as condensed and grimy as all five boroughs. Meanwhile, Syrup Girls‘ 38 syncopated standout minutes of 4x4 grime, Bmore club, and bubbly bass are viscous yet brisk, splattered with cum-ons and poppin‘ off. Muggy and at times almost gunmetal-grim clanging on side A, raunchy and steely strut on side B, Shotgun Wedding Vol. 4 fires at a crackin‘ clip.