Various Artists Earth: Legacy of Dissolution

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No Quarter-the label reissuing Seattle-based stasis-metal project Earth‘s notorious live album, Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars-further celebrates the ambient/doom metal group with remixes. Earth‘s songs are geodes: unevenly textured and densely gilded, they‘re self-contained wonders formed through a pressurized gauntlet. Even Godflesh and Sabbath quiver. Earth‘s core, Dylan Carlson, has handpicked six producers-Mogwai, Russell Haswell, Jim O‘Rourke, Autechre (who create, oddly, the most rhythmically "rock" remix), Justin Broadrick, and Sunn0))) (once an Earth tribute band)-who understand hum, delay, and decay can matter as much, if not more, than any note. Mosaic constellations of white dwarves, the remixes of Earth are like trudging mournfully through pixilated, crystallized supernova remnants, and would make the Melvins and Fennesz proud.