Pink Skull Endless Bummer

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The latest album from Philly's dance-obsessive weirdos Pink Skull initially seems to have transitioned the outfit into more accessible territory. Endless Bummer begins with "Peter Cushing," a sugary disco-house track that could lure teens onto an all-ages dancefloor, but the rest of the record doesn't follow suit. Frontman Julian Grefe takes his band back into familiar territory with ambient noise interludes ("Circling Bwi" and "Wheet") and instrumental freak-funk workouts, like the loungey "Ritualistic Bug Use." Elements of glitch, Krautrock, Balearic, and disco-indebted pop à la LCD Soundsystem show up throughout Endless Bummer, resulting in an album that trades in consistency for eclecticism and comes off sounding more like a collection of inventive singles than a cohesive LP.