Various Artists Enjoy the Silence

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Celebrating the fifth anniversary of Mule Electronic, Japanese promoter and Mule Musiq founder Toshiya Kawasaki has created a serene, weightless ambient compilation of mostly exclusive releases showcasing many of the label’s better-known artists and a few recent acquisitions, like Minilogue and DJ Sprinkles (a.k.a. Terre Thaemlitz). Minilogue’s “In Smoke We All Become Friends” wades through about six minutes of minimal, nature-inspired ambient noise before percussion akin to a dishwasher heard from the next room throbs mechanically to life. Simultaneously austere and quirky, DJ Koze’s “Lords of Panama Rendered” cushions distinct buzzes ranging in intensity from “bumblebee” to “passing moped” in pretty, electronic chimes and warm, warping atmospheric synths, then adds in a psychedelic handling of beeping supermarket checkout sounds.