WHY? Eskimo Snow

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Recorded at the same time as their last album, the boys of WHY? aren't exactly reinventing the wheel here. Luckily for the band (and its fans), Alopecia was a fine record and the WHY? formula doesn't really require a whole lot of tinkering. Yoni Wolf's distinctive speak-singing and penchant for introspective lyrics remains intact, as does the band's talent for ramshackle pop melodies. Eskimo Snow is perhaps a bit more melancholy than past WHY? offerings—when Wolf cries "Mom, am I failing or worse?" on "This Blackest Purse," his anguish is palpable. Yet no matter how tortured the lyrics may be, the swirling vibraphone melodies of "January Twenty Something" and "Into the Shadow of My Embrace" could perk up even the mopiest of fanboys.

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