Swayzak Fabric Live

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UK club Fabric's mix series offers a sleek, tech-tickled disco romp from suave production duo Swayzak. Akufen's signature "Skidoos" is like a slo-mo shot of glittering mirror ball confetti tossed from the hands of a go-go dancer high above the dancing crowd. It mixes into Luomo's ultra-sultry "Present Lover," a total conceptual go, although slightly awkward melodies halt its momentum. "Hoping" features middle-aged Kitty-Yo crooner Louie Austen's earnest vocals topping some inventive-as-fuck, Herbert-tweaked beats. And "Hell yes!" to the warm jazzy dub fuzz of the Rockers Hi-Fi track. Swayzak keeps their sweet collection of tracks nicely restrained without being icy for the first half, before moving into harder, Lucite-heeled stormers by the likes of DFA's LCD Soundsystem and Metro Area.