Lali Puna Faking the Books

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A beacon in the clich»-ridden indietronic field, Germany's Lali Puna kicks off its third album with "Faking The Books," a post-rocking headnodder whisked into the ether by Valerie Trebeljahr's whispered incantations. Later, "Call 1-800-FEAR" picks up the pace, a live-sounding stomp on which the Germans wear their anxious Britpop influences as if willingly straitjacketed. While guitars figure prominently here, computers are never far out of the reach of producer Mario Thaler. He takes liberties with Trebeljahr's voice at every turn, sprinkling her chopped utterances over analog squiggles and clipped percussive accents on such bedroom ballads as "Small Things." Fear not DSP fanatics; your favorite console-fiends have stayed on course.