Leyode Fascinating Tininess

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Landing on Scott "Prefuse 73" Herren's Eastern Developments imprint allowed the Atlanta-to-NYC-based duo of Yusuke Hama and Laurel Wells to get all cinematic on Fascinating Tininess, fusing samples, beats, and loopy, ethereal vocals into a psychy-trippy-folky brew splendid for movie soundtracks. The pair's plan was to create sound for French New Wave film clips, and things inevitably blossomed when Leyode's lounge filled with Savath y Savalas (yet another Herren alter-ego), Patrick Ferrell, REDROOM, and Leb-Laze. Featuring Herren, "Hassami" is choice material, its noodly opening and stuttering rhythm propelling both his and Wells' voices as they weave together like a medieval tapestry. "Sophie" is another glitchy standout, burping and hiccupping along, yet smoothed over by dreamy vocalizations.