Bomb the Bass Future Chaos

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Twenty-one years since Tim Simenon’s seminal “Beat Dis” 12-inch, 13 years since his last album, Clear, and seven years since a low-key EP for Morr Music, the Bomb the Bass moniker has been resurrected for a new album of “electronic music with soul.” That limited editions of Future Chaos come packaged with re-versions from the likes of Gui Borrato and Michael Fakesch hints at a change in aesthetic. Though the album title reads like a crass Bobby Gillespie invective, Future Chaos is relatively understated and the best tracks revel in their lack of clutter or disarray. Gauche collaborations with Mark Lanegan and Jon Spencer weigh down the album, but Future Chaos is thankfully front-loaded with Simenon’s stronger work with Corker/Conboy’s Paul Conboy to produce an album that partially aligns him with the likes of Swayzak and Massive Attack.