Various Artists Get Physical

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DJ T's "Freemind" sparkles and glitters like a disco ball's thousand refracting lights, its synthetic strobing laser synths and squiggly freestyle bass subtly winking and whispering "Follow Me." A fierce banji boy slices his derriere through an acidic Chicago jack track before exclaiming "Shazaaam!" on Chelonis R. Jones' "Blackout." Tiefshwarz melds post-punk and house rhythms for his remix of M.A.N.D.Y & The Sunset People's "Sunsetpeople," where stuttering vocals mimic every dilating pupil and bass pulses beat to the timing of the crowd's fibrillating heartbeats. The second anniversary compilation from Germany's Get Physical label-a collection of their 12" releases mixed by two-man outfit M.A.N.D.Y.-wraps up the last 20 years of sweaty underground house parties into a hot mix of late-night love. Don't be surprised if you feel an insatiable desire to make out with the DJ.