The Postal Service Give Up

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Jimmy Tamborello and Death Cab for Cutie's Benjamin Gibbard-collaborators on Tamborello's 2001 Dntel full-length-crafted Give Up by mail, hence the project name. Accordingly, Give Up evokes the wistfulness of long-distance yearnings, yet maintains winsome, intimate direct presence. Gibbard's fey vocals, complemented by Jen Wood and Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis, float like pillow talk through Tamborello's rubbery, retro-tinged daydreams, less wafting than Dntel. "Nothing Better" pips and ricochets like Human League crossed with Donkey Kong, while "This Place is a Prison" has squeezebox squelch and chiming clap more akin to M?m's production. Give in to Give Up, a cradle of bright melodies, crispy beat cascades and plush, hushed, charmingly choppy laptop pop.