DJ Muggs Vs. GZA Grandmasters

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Longing for the glory days of the Wu-Tang? Look no further than this no-brainer collaboration between Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs and the Wu's GZA (who worked together on the ‘97 album, Muggs Presents The Soul Assassins). As Muggs' production is often Wu-Tang-esque, this paring works all the better. On songs like "Exploitation of Mistakes," Muggs' eerie, drum-heavy beat fuels the fire that is the GZA's vividly chilling narrative. And at only 12 tracks deep, these two maintain the same quality throughout. The only real problem with this album is that Muggs presents it as a mash-up release (see the "versus" in the title). There's no battling or convergence of contrasting sounds going on here–this is an affable collaboration between two of hip-hop's finest. Period.