Ursula 1000 Here Comes Tomorrow


Alex Gimeno is a man with some serious personality disorders. Fortunately, when Gimeno steps into the studio as Ursula 1000, we, the listeners, get to benefit from his sketchy-at-best view of the world in general. Yeah, he‘s schizophrenic: check out the side-by-side Prince-esque shagger ("Electrik Boogie") and Jamaica-‘66 skanker ("Two Tone Rocka") for proof. But more importantly, Gimeno is solipsistic: whether it‘s retro-mod-inspired dancefloor action ("Boop") or straight-up glam rock ("Hello! Let‘s Go to a Disco")-not to mention Latin, hip-hop, etc.-Ursula 1000 makes genres his own, culling a cohesive album out of bizarro-world diversity.