Baby Dayliner High Heart & Low Estate


Bridging backgrounds in street strut and swooning swagger, Brooklyn's Baby Dayliner creates foppish funk-in both the bass-borne beat boogie and overcast emotional sense. Baby Dayliner woos the whoosh of synthesizers; he broods, dapper and dour, over semi-baroque bump. Literate and limber, he croons over pithy plinks and sly po(m)p, reminiscent of the Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt. Songs are imbued with a melancholy melodic pirouetting, as if they were played through a New Romantic music box-a reality not far off as Dayliner performs live accompanied only by Roland's Dr. Rhythm. Brisk, crisp, bittersweet and breezy-like prime Clarke/Gore Depeche Mode-Baby Dayliner is a twilit bridge between sincerity and tongue-in-chic, between fey rap and synth-pop's new world order.