Kevin Saunderson History Elevate

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As one-third of preeminent techno crew the Belleville Three, Kevin Saunderson’s name seems as big as the genre he helped shape. The two-disc History Elevate handily collects tracks from his remixing career along with remixes of his own work by old hands (Carl Craig) and relative young bucks (Joris Voorn). Though using Ableton and CDs to compile his Resident Advisor mix inflamed some trolls, Saunderson’s own remixes put backlash to bed. Like a graphic designer who still works with scotch tape and scissors, Saunderson’s remixes have an unaccustomed heft and deliberateness to them. The second disc is more of a very good mix than a history lesson, but Saunderson’s remixers rarely choke when stepping up to the master’s plate.