Ivan Smaghe How to Kill the DJ Part One

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Paris club Le Pulp hosts Kill the DJ nights on the first Thursday of each month, and if this CD (arranged/mixed by DJ Ivan Smagghe) is a true indication of their musical policy, it sounds like a lot of fun. When the opening fun house cut, Roger's tributary "Helsinki Blondes" segues so naturally with Captain Comatose's Afrobeat-channeling "Wonderkidd," there's an immediate sense that this isn't your average club-branded compilation, but one with a wide-ranging musical ear. A Kill the DJ edit of Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" and a wicked electro-funk remix of Ministry's "I Wanted To Tell Her" help fuel the slightly dark and industrial edge that lurks beneath the grooves. This collection could quite easily be the next victim of your repeat button.